S1E23 | The Journey to PMPL South Asia Championship - ft. GXR Celtz Roxx | PUBG | ESports

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This 23rd episode of LetsTalkSports with Sid Deshmukh features #PMPL South Asia 2020 Champion, In-game Leader of team Galaxy Racer Celtz, Yogesh "Roxx" Yadav. GXRCeltz Roxx is a hot topic in today's youth crazy for PUBG Mobile Scenario, Today, we are entering a whole new territory for our viewers and that too on public demand!

Roxx (https://www.instagram.com/celtz_roxx/...) spoke to us about his dreamlike journey from underdogs to PMPL South Asia Champions in just a matter of days, partnership with #GalaxyRacerEsports, an in-depth discussion on how #Esports functions, few gaming tips and tricks, future plans and a message for all aspiring Esports athletes and their families.

#LetsTalkSports with Yogesh "Roxx" Yadav

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