S1E26 | Tennis in India - ft. Sunder Iyer | MSLTA | AITA | Davis Cup | Lakshya Sports

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This 26th episode of LetsTalkSports with Sid Deshmukh features Sunder Iyer, Hon. Secretary of Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association, Manager of the Indian Davis Cup Team, and Founding Secretary of Lakshya Sports.

Mr. Iyer will talk to us about his journey from an administrator at MSLTA to the manager of the Indian Davis Cup Team, how Tennis can be more accessible despite being an expensive sport, development at the grassroots level, challenges faced by the sport due to the pandemic, and how they are being tackled, the possibility of a #SustainableTennis League in India, functioning of #AITA, proper use of CSR funds towards building the popularity of the game and finally, a message for aspiring #TennisProfessionals and their families.

#LetsTalkSports with Sunder Iyer

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