S1E32 | The Analytical Approach in Sports - ft. Megha Gambhir | STUPA Analytics | UTT | TTFI

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This 32nd episode of LetsTalkSports with Sid Deshmukh features Megha Gambhir, Co-Founder, and CEO of Stupa Sports Analytics (https://stupaanalytics.com/), the perfect example of a #WomenEntrepreneur in the #SportsIndustry.

Megha spoke to us about what attracted her to Table Tennis, exactly goes around in #SportsAnalytics in racquet sports, what Stupa is all about, how it can be fun to handle data, a few challenges that have to be faced in this industry, and how the data can be used for the betterment of fan cycle player development and uplifting of the game.

#LetsTalkSports with Megha Gambhir

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