S1E41 | India's Largest Fitness Community - FITTR | Jitendra Chouksey (JC) | FITTR Challenge

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This 41st episode of LetsTalkSports with Sid Deshmukh features Jitendra Chouksey (JC), Founder of #FITTR, India's fastest growing online fitness company (www.fittr.com)

The discussion is based on some interesting topics like the ideology of FITTR and what makes them a trusted community of over a million people. How fitness can change people's mindsets. What is so unique about FITTR and what attracted Suniel Shetty to be their investor. JC also spoke about his vision of FITTR India and what he would like to share with the budding entrepreneurs in the sports - health - fitness industry.

#LetsTalkSports with Jitendra Chouksey

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