S1E46 | Part 1 - India's First Female Sports Lawyer - Aahna Mehrotra | Journey | Sports Law Careers

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This 46th episode of LetsTalkSports with Sid Deshmukh features Aahna Mehrotra, Founder & Principal Lawyer at AM Sports Law & Management. She has been an athlete herself and has done her Masters in Entertainment & Sports Law from UCLA School of Law.

Aahna spoke to us about her journey from Sports to Law to #SportsLaw and why she chose UCLA Law School, her experience over there, and her experience in the Sports Law & #SportsManagement Industry. She also explained the aspects that are covered in Sports Law & how they help the Athletes & #SportsBusiness in Part I of the two-part episode of #LeagallySports

#LetsTalkSports with Aahna Mehrotra

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