S2E12 | Flicking it - ft. Prannoy HS | Badminton | Asian | CWG | Youth Olympic | GoSports Foundation

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In this 62nd episode of Sportsy LetsAIMSports with Sid Deshmukh, we chat with Prannoy HS, a GoSports athlete, former world #8 mens single Indian Badminton Player who is 2010 Youth Olympic 🥈, 2018 CWG 🥇 and many more BWF Grand Pix and Challenger titles to him credit.

Prannoy, GoSports Foundation athlete talks about his journey from everything but badminton to everything about badminton. His Youth Olympic Silver Medal in 2010 to injuries in early part of his career to bouncing back to win 2018 Asian Championship 🥉 in Mens Single along with 2018 CWG Mixed Team 🥇.

In this chat, he spoke very highly of the important role played by GoSports in his sporting journey. Prannoy spoke about mental conditioning and how a professional athlete can manage the highs and lows. How mental toughness helps in injury recovery period as well as overcome on court decision making. Prannoy gave importance to education and how sports help in academics. Prannoy was at his best while talking about how strong competition in Indian Badminton Circuit is helping Indian Badminton to grow.

#LetsAIMSports with Prannoy HS

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