S2E16 | India's Football Dream - ft. Nikhil Paramjit Sharma | CEO zlait Sports Management

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This 66th episode of Sportsy LetsAIMSports with Sid Deshmukh features Nikhil Paramjit Sharma, Founder & CEO zlait Sports Management and author of the best seller in Sports category in India, India's Football Dream.

Nikhil took us on a ride through his amazing journey in Indian Sports from media to sports management with Anglian Managment Group to Shillon Lajong FC to Northeast United FC to founding zlait to authoring a bestseller. Nikhil spoke about India's football dream and how iLeague and ISL playing an important role in India's football development.

He spoke about building sports infrastructure at world class Reliance Facility in Mumbai (RFYC) to installing turfs in Bhutan and North East. Nikhil spoke about how and why North East region of India is so dominant in football. Nikhil is at his candid best while talking about what it takes to be a sports manager and what one needs beyond passion to make a career in sports.

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