S2E20 | Discus Throw at Para Olympic - ft. Neeraj Yadav | Para athlete | Javline | Champion

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In this 70th episode of Sportsy LetsAIMSports with Sid Deshmukh, we chat with India's Tokyo2020 Para Olympic Discus Throw athlete, Neeraj Yadav. Neeraj is a multi sport personality who has competed at International level across Discuss Throw, Javelin, Short Put as well as Tennis.

Diagnosed with polio, Neeraj's journey to sports wasn't easy and he made his wheelchair his strength to compete at various level. Started with Tennis, moved to Table Tennis and then to athletics, Neeraj gives all the credit of his sporting comeback to his wife and caller her his biggest motivation. Each sport he played, he won medals at national and international level. He calls Dr. Deepa Malik as his biggest inspiration.

With full focus on winning Para Olympic medal in Tokyo 2020, he says he learnt calmness from MS Dhoni. Neeraj, with his never say die attitude spoke to us the change he would like to make to India's Para sporting.

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