S2E23 | International Taekwondo Athlete | Kicking it - ft. Latika Bhandari | GoSports Foundation

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This 73rd episode of Sportsy LetsAIMSports with Sid Deshmukh features International Taekwondo Athlete, Asian medalist, South Asian Champion, a proud GoSports Foundation athlete,

Latika Bhandari. Latika spoke to us about her taekwondo journey and how it all started by following her elder brother to becoming a champion. Latika spoke about her learnings from extreme contact sports like taekwondo to being a role model to many aspiring athletes. Latika is a big supporter and activist for women's causes and specifically talk about women in sport. Her vision about openness about discussing women centric problem to changing the mindset of coaches that girls needs different and customised schedule is commendable. South Asia champion

Latika spoke to us about constant support of GoSports Foundation in her journey and praised GoSport on their professional conduct.

#LetsAIMSports with Latika Bhandari

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