S2E2 | Queen of Indian Badminton - ft. Aparna Popat | Olympian | Arjuna Awardee | National Champion

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In this 52nd episode of Sportsy LetsAIMSports with Sid Deshmukh, we chat with the greatest female Indian #Badminton Player who is 2 time Olympian, Record 9 times National Champion, Asian and Commonwealth medalist & Arjuna Awardee, Aparna Popat.

Aparna talks about her journey from everything but badminton to everything about badminton with coach Anil Pradhan. She speaks about she being perfectionist and being hard on herself for be better version everyday. She spoke about the mindset of a winner and there are no sacrifices in life, those are choices you make.

Aparna was at her best while talking about her aspirations, inspirations and motivations. Watch the 52nd Episode of SportsySays.

#LetsAIMSports with Aparna Popat

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